Sunday, March 7, 2021



I read for years about ORGONE energies that collect or filter DOR's both from the physical atmosphere and the invisible realms probably. We don't know beyond the physical realm how ORGONE would effect the aether. Scalar is the new buzzword for this year! It seems everyone is "selling" scalar by products and only one I found who sells a large transmitter and receiver. 

What is Scalar Energy? It is the study of electro-magnetic waves that occupy empty space between atoms throughout our universe. It is basically the energy that remains by fed by the aether, when all other sources of energy are removed.  So how does that relate to our subject matter? 

Spooky2 Scalar transmitter not only transmits energy but also takes energy from the aether. Scalar waves are not electromagnetic waves. It is a scalar field, the power increases over distance, because the field draws energy from the ether.

While Scalar Energy or also known as Zero Point Energy play a big part in energetic healing that has to do with vibrational frequencies. Since Zero Point energy remains when other sources of energy are removed, it helps keep the optimum vibration balance in the bodies system when it is set in contact with or around the body. 

The Scalar Magnetics, increases our health, wellness and our mental state to an optimum level of functionality! Neat eh? The only proof we have that it (the scalar wave magnetics) is doing something, is our anecdotal experiences, that we physically and mentally experience after being in the field for a couple of days, weeks, months. 

ORGONE Accumulator! $1500.00

I found two products one from Qwave with their pager size scalar generator and of course Spooky2 Scalar transmitter and receiver. I'm just not sure with this pager size generator, if it could deliver the Solfeggio frequencies by using scalar as a carrier wave. It would seem that a "placebo"was activated in the persons body by the power of their will to manifest in their bodies using the Divine like the sugar pill! They give the customer 30 days!

It's been around three months so far, and in all this time, I've been learning more in depth information about scalar waves. On the surface it seems simple enough and for nature it is, taking the least path of resistance. 

But the knowledge still alludes us of its full potential. Maxwell somehow figured it all out! The language of this field is and always will be "mathematics"! If it wasn't for dreamers, who were great at math, we would still be using horse and buggies and lighting candles!

When I read ads like Qwave Devine, which is suppose to use scalar as a carrier wave to carry solfeggio's frequencies to the pineal gland and pituitary gland its hertzian waves. I wanted to believe this and to some extent it may effect such glands. 

But I know, that to have access to the scalar wave, one must have a receiver and transmitter producing same exact wave yet, 180 degrees out of phase to each other. This would create a magnetic scalar wave not just an electrical scalar wave, in fact, both at the same time out of phase with each other around 180 degrees out of phase!

I think EMF waves are overrated! Seriously, if one could cancel EMF's you wouldn't be able to use your cell phones or SAT phones. Yes, they do effect the bodies DNA and Central Nervous systems. Yet, with an appropriate Scalar Generator, you can program your DNA alike without blocking anything. The magnetic scalar wave will charge your trillion of cells throughout your body. The question is how long and what can we measure it by!

Scalar is really not a moving wave, it's just static or in place or another place beyond our physical environment in which it shares. Scalar seems to be like our atmosphere is to us in this physical dimension! 

The best tool I found to show increase of energies is the GDV, which measure chakra's and shows mis-alignment (Before) and alignment if the treatments with the scalar was effective enough! (After) results. Below is an ORGONE Accumulator, made according to William Riche's patent. Stay in too long, you will get sick!

Another view of this portable ORONGE Accumulator!

In fact, proof has it that the DNA in our blood streams are in constant communication with each other by using the scalar field, unless you are effected by strong EMF's etc. It, such as 4-5G, can block the transmissions causing your body to become ill eventually over time.

Scalar is always here, it surrounds us eternally by a thinnest of veils. Atoms and molecules can't be seen with the naked eye but that doesn't mean they don't exist! They do exist in a form of solid matter in most cases. We can't see the atom spinning but it doesn't mean it doesn't spin.

By understanding the electro-mechanics of this device (Spooky2 Scalar) it is a rudimentary device, a hybrid of both Tesla Coil and broadcasting and receiver antennas and now we can incorporate being hook into the transmitter frequencies from GENX. I looked everywhere on the web for four months straight and I couldn't find anything close to Spooky2 Scalar generators. 

From what I was reading thus far, it doesn't take a whole lot of power to use scalar, it (Spooky2 Scalar) uses a 12 volt battery. Spooky2 Scalar work as a single unit not two individual units! This is accomplished by a .70 millimeter cable hookup!

To tap into the longitudinal wave, the breach occurs when the receiver is adjusted by the operator. Both transmitter and receiver is connected by a .70mm cable. When tuning light is at its brightest, you are now in tune 180 degrees out of phase with the transmitter! 

By turning the amplitude/modulation knob of the receiver, either clockwise or anti clockwise direction, when you see on the panel the light being very bright this is where you want to be. 

Even with the two devices and the cable hook up, it still has a learning curve to it, because people can't see the same thing in the same way! There will always and forever if that becomes a possibility, going to have questions on every minute level! Some will be commonsense understanding and others may not have a distant clue what they are suppose to experience using these devices.

The "receiver" will send out an identical wave at a 180 degree out of phase transmission waves, broadcasting through its antenna system located within the main lid or cover of the "receiver". If it were an electrical transmission the following would prevail. 

The inverse-square law applies not only to the intensity of light but also to gravitational and electrical forces. The attraction or repulsion between two electric charges also decreases with the distance at 1/r2, where r is the distance between the two charges.

The transmitter produces electrical scalar broadcasting through its antenna, which of itself does no good for the body. It's when the wave is received by the "receiver" and sent to the antenna lid of the transmitter out of phase at 180 degrees, do we breach the open scalar field. 

The scalar wave become magnetic and bio-available in between the two units. The further away from each other, the larger the scalar breach. At 60 feet the scalar wave width would be the size of the entire house and the height is unlimited.

But, keeping in mind the further away beyond 60 feet, will include other things that will leach off this breach, making the scalar half as strong and as low as 1/4 as strong! Maximum is not always better in these cases.

What does modulation mean? 1:An inflection of the tone or pitch of the voice specifically : the use of stress or pitch to convey meaning. 2 : a regulating according to measure or proportion : tempering. 3 : a change from one musical key to another by modulating. The numbers of meaning of 2, 3 come closest when tuning for certain amounts of megahertz for two machines to become one working unit each having their own broadcasting and transmitter antenna systems.

Tuning just one of the two machines will make them as one single working unit. "Modulation" of the exact identical wave but 180 degrees out of phase is, being produced and broadcast to the transmitter's antenna system with both Receiver and Transmitter linked together by the cable. 

They range from 5 to 8 Megahertz.  You will have to do this each day because when the weather changes, so do the signals you are looking for! You can run it all night, that's perfectly fine. 

When you want to bring the boxes further out or change frequencies when adding samples on the machine, you will have to re-tune once again. It takes a matter of seconds too re-tune to the environment.

The hand above is tuning one machine to work together as one device with an umbilical .70mm cable. The tuning is from 5 megahertz to 8 megahertz. This will have to be done everyday due to humidity factors and generally due to the weather in general.

This speed and intensity is, what creates zero point energies. Modulation is from 5-8 Megahertz and this will change from day to day depending on humidity and barometric pressure etc. Especially the solar flares from the sun. Just tune it everyday to be on the safe side.

They have proven electrical scalar is able to send power into our environment from no generated forces or electrical lines but only from the origin it comes from, its own battery sources and uses the soil to transmit those energies enough whereas a light stuck into the affected soil will light up. (Look Ma, No Wires)!

Not sure why this old science is in the scrap bin of history. Such as, colloidal silver, it was used for 50+ years by doctors to fight infection or any bacterial issue and it worked! Where is all the hype on the news about it? AMA let out the last of the air and buried these type cures obsolete! Do you think scalar will get any fanfare from either media or state or local governmental medical arena, most likely not.

Tesla proved this many times over, sending electrical scaler by using the earths crust as some sort of carrier wave from his tower into the soil to light up wirelessly light bulbs, by just plugging them into the ground and it was no power loss! 

Wireless energies this was the key! The NY banker cut Tesla's funding because Tesla wanted to give the world free electricity! Not with the bankers monies! The bank humored Tesla and gave him his funding. Westinghouse invested in him too. 

When the banks pulled his funding Westinghouse went bankrupt during the Great Depression and Tesla forgave him of his million dollar debt too Tesla.

What I am interested in is "Magnetic" Scalar Wave induced by this technology and the unit sized down to a size of a 1990 pager unit (Qwave Divine). The company claims that, the device will use a scalar wave carrying two Solfeggio frequencies, which are suppose to effect both Pineal and Pituitary glands.

One thing I want for everyone to understand is, don't let me convince any of you, this is the only way to go! If I do this, then I will miss other equipment out there that maybe even more powerful than Spooky2 Scalar! Don't read all this and make a decision to purchase right away! You owe yourselves much more than this alone in knowledge. Do some more research and don't be afraid to contact those who have purchased something like Spooky2 Scalar. Know what you are getting yourselves into!

Should you purchase this? Actually, I am not the one to ask or for me to tell you all what you should do! If you want to experiment then by all means, purchase it! It may just work and you will save a heap of cash in the process! 50/50 chance it works or it doesn't!

This may in happen in our lifetimes, to see these two large units being downsized or miniaturize both transmitter and receiver into a size of a pager unit. Technologies doubles every single 2-18 years depends on a variety of different technologies. It might happen! But don't bet the whole farm waiting for it!

Moore's law is the observation that the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit (IC) doubles about every two years. Moore's law is an observation and projection of ahistorical trend. Rather than a law of physics, it is an empirical relationship linked to gains from experience in production.

Companies will try no doubt make these scalar machines much smaller in the future. I found one abstract model from Washington State, that talks about their smaller working model and apparently has accomplished it. 

I wasn't that impressed! The model scalar transmitter/receiver was way too small and far too expensive and can't do a 1/3 what Spooky2 Scalar was designed to accomplish! $1500.00 for two three inch hight towers.

I am on this computer 17-18 hours daily since I have been retired, about 9 years ago! Nothing I find ever surprises me! The vortex pendant was one of those surprises, not to exclude the "Pineal Pinger" by EJ Gold and the SuperBeacon and last but not least the Spooky2 Scalar devices and the SE-51000 along with the IDL-32 Gateway Key! These are big pluses finding them in researching for better health and spiritual well being.

There is a singular wiring from the transmitter to the receiver, this kit this kit in the above we mentioned, is  no more than three inches high, separated by 3 floors inside an apartment complex for testing it. It works but what can it do for you? Unfortunately, nothing! All for the cost of $1500.00!

The transmitter with a two inch high stand probably made of plastic with the silver ball on top is wired to the receiver to making them one unit while operating. It would of probably worked if we were two inches tall, allowing us to be a scalar field this device produces.

The same theories apply because the builder who sells these tiny kits used the same schematics from Meyl in Germany but Spooky went a step further, John White also used, Meyl's theoretical model and went a step further by adding under the surface of each unit, a Tesla Coil powered by 12 volt batteries (Adapter) wall plug.

One thing I want to pound home with you all is, I am nobodies sweetheart no matter how good their product is or isn't. They maybe the nicest people on planet earth and if what they sell is fantasy that can't be reproduced by anyone else, I will be all over it because when you place an ad on the web, everyone (a small %) could be possibly taken on suppose miracles etc.

Listen up for a moment, I am not promoting Spooky company by no means! If I could have found two or more companies building the same sort of instrumentation, they would be talked about here as well. I still couldn't find any US companies both private or corporate alike, that makes a transmitter/receiver the size of John's in Europe.  

If anyone can point me to another instrument that generates scalar enough to be used with a Frequency Generator as one working unit, I will be glad to share it with everyone else here. It must allow for your whole body to be inside the field not just a leg or an arm.

I shouldn't have to bring this up all the time but it's worth mentioning. I don't get kickbacks or bribes from anyone, anywhere, to talk about products! 

Those of you who have Rife machines, when operating them a most frequencies, you will hear it as it runs and feel it as well. When a Generator is hooked up directly to the transmitter, it digitizes the sound and places it inside the scalar field. You will not hear it, no matter how high of frequency you run. But the body will feel after effects later on.

When I do my research I comb all over using key word sentences and word it different ways to bring up obscured sights who don't rank all that high and never make it to the top ten spots on page 1 and 2 of your browser results.

The frequencies can't be heard by your ears. The Rife frequencies will be transmitted into the scalar field, sounds will now reside within the scalar field on a molecular basis being digitized. When you sit in the field between the transmitter/receiver it will also drive the Rife frequencies into your bodies.

All you have to do is; sit in between the two suitcase boxes to enjoy the benefits from the Rife Frequencies without needing to hear them. Minimum of 6 feet across each other. Plug in GENX freq. generator to the transmitter, the sound will not be heard only felt.

Most colleges don't have commercial type equipment to learn on, it is usually a floor or desktop models to explain the principles and concepts of whatever they are trying to learn. These will not do any of us any good! We need a working commercial device to accomplishing health and wellness and beyond! Honestly, a piece of ORGONITE won't be all that great, it does somethings yet, it doesn't do all things is my point!

The above company we just read about with these tiny units, was asking way too much as it reflects the price highlighted below. These receivers and transmitters are only 3 1/2 high. They were met for colleges to teach them scalar theory, not use it on themselves.

It's more a kids working model than a heavy duty working machine. Just be aware of this, when you are in the market for scalar and Rife. Rife machines are a dime a dozen but not SP2 Scalar device! Until I am proven wrong it is the first on the market to offer this type power!

There is no practical use of this $1500.00 unit. It's only used as a model for colleges etc. to teach them Maxwells theories. Spooky2 Scalar has tremendous value and practicality! It's price is $1600.00!  But you're getting much more for your investments with Spooky2 Scalar.

Qwave is one of the many thousands of small scalar devices that claim the miraculous! They are inexpensive, compared to other companies, who sell their miracle scalars for tens of thousands of dollars, with no proof or better anecdotal evidence for the justification of the unseen amounts of money. Testimonies on Qwave site are about 15-20 years old already!

Then there is "QWave", their ad takes around about and tells you if their unit is not doing anything for you, then use for a few months until the energies build up! 

Say this is a far to easy for the company not to worry, maybe the person who purchased it will not send it back and just shelve it after 30 days! Don't underestimate the power of the "sellers". They know everything in the book when it comes to using "guarantees"!

What! I like the 30 day money back the company offers, so, I feel safe to recommend to try one of their products for 30 days. If you don't like the results or had no results, turn it back to the company for full refund. It may work for you after a few days or weeks owning it. How much is placebo and how much was experienced from actual scalar waves.

We need a device to help us bring what we are missing, not making it harder to achieve in the first place, going through all the hoops and ladders! They give  a 30 day guarantee, and if it doesn't work, the most you are out would be what you paid for the unit. You instead wasted a months time! Spooky2 Scalar and GENX, have a 30 day money back guarantee.

The average American citizens has no idea what DNA is, let alone that the DNA is the shape of a helix wound of some kind of antenna system. It's a antenna that sends electro-chemical messages through all cells of the body. Magnetic Scalar has a direct effect on the DNA. DNA is vital for all living beings – even plants. It is important for inheritance, coding for proteins and the genetic instruction guide for life and its processes. DNA holds the instructions for an organism's or each cell's development and reproduction and ultimately death.

The reason for my interest is, our DNA, which has been proven to exist, even though we can't see it without a microscope, to know if it's real or not, it (DNA) can indeed be affected by a magnetic scalar static wave. Electrical scalar waves doesn't do anything for us biologically.

Scalar Waves does not move on up or down on its axis like the electrical waves such as, X-Rays, Neutrino waves etc. Think of the scalar waves as oxygen is to us in our environment. The oxygen is everywhere, so is the scalar field, hidden behind mathematics (Maxwell's Theory) in another dimension!

Our DNA's are designed in a Helix wound formation and these little antenna sources carries the bio-information from one cell to another, using the perpetual energies from scalar. Very unique and exotic creation don't think!

There are tons of things we do and don't do for ourselves that cause chakra's to be out of alignment. These (Its), causes our DNA from receiving or transmitting bio-chemical instructions from scalar to the body! If it sustains this environment it created for itself, the body will be susceptible to virus's and bacterium. Chakra's are not taught in traditional liberal schools or even when I went to school. But believe me what I am saying, "Chakras" are energy centers throughout the body to keep the body/mind balanced.

The shape of the DNA is what tunes into the scalar field. Helix shape! Nodes crossing over Nodes cancelling both out! Bio-chemical information (Data Instructions) have too be naturally tuned into for the DNA to get a bio-chemical message to the body to sustain these genetic instructions until you pass away!

We had but only scratch the surface of these useable energies for our body and all its organs, along with our individual minds. One thing I probably hypothesize is, the 4-5G microwaves probably are screwing up our DNA's and brains. 

It maybe blocking the tuning of your DNA from receiving bio-chemical message changes, when unable to receive energies from the scalar domain. How do we fix this? 

That is the million dollar question because not all things work the same for all people! People will perceive, while others simply don't, using different scalar equipment. It may work for one person and not for the other.

It has been known the birds couldn't find the way to the North or South due to the EMF's from microwave towers in our environment. When 4G was introduced not that long ago, there were documentation of species of birds that died while flying in the air in mass numbers, no less. What may it be doing to our DNA?

Many people, who purchase devices like this, have no idea the nature behind such technologies. They crank it up but have no idea what this machine is doing for them. When jumping on the bandwagon of scalar, I suppose we need to know a little more about it! The Scalar Generator is easy enough to operate, many that I read about in FaceBook don't seem to understand Tesla Coils and basic electronic principles. 

Hey, even though I heard about scalar all my life since doing radionics, I am sure no expert in this subject but I do have enrich knowledge from sites around the web. Sometimes what I read, I have to look up what the real science/Pseudo is trying to tell me.

If I don't put it in my own words, then it means nothing to me! I try to stay away from twenty dollar words that have little meaning to some of us! Tell and Show me, what a baseball does and doesn't do, not what it is made of and how it was made.

Right now at this moment, I want to know and be shown what scalar can do and can't do! We can discuss all the math and what it is theoretically made of, but that doesn't help us in making a knowledgable purchase from someone, who knows the boring material on procuring a device to have all those qualities.

To me, $2100.00 isn't all that much, when it comes to some of these toys that I use. But it's enough to warrant what it is I am buying and from whom! I thought with Spooky2 Scalar, it would be easy enough to comb their site, Uggh! There are so many pages to go through and it never seems to end. Yet, everything he, John When placed on the site is for a purpose and reason!

I found a couple of abstracts online about their experiences experimenting with scalar and read it through many times, it was impressive! 

Being I am in the market for such a device, I want to know all I can about what it is I will be purchasing in the near future. Nobody goes to a car lot cold turkey and comes out with a new car! Most prep themselves by looking at it on the web with all its specs and extra's!

This will be preparation for the next step! There are some basics I have to understand, just a nip and tuck of what does what. The experiments I am setting up depend on what I know of the machine and the rest is up to the device to do its thing!

Time is not on my side, so I have to speed things up! If you are not watching, five years can go by and you can't reclaim it ever! We now live in a world that either of us, are not sure of our coming futures! They (governments) can steal our physical things and our practices but they can't still our souls within us, if you don't give up so easily.

Our lives be it individual or collective, doesn't mean much to the ruling bodies of our time. It is mine and your responsibilities to preserve our most cherished and important aspect of each of our lives and that is, the soul, the real you, with everything that makes the "You"! Cut where you have to or expand where you can.

I tell my wife every so often, the hard work you do, will in some ways pay you back! Just this morning, my wife said to me, "Honey, can I purchase a fraction into BitCoin, I was a somewhat confused at first. She only threw in $20.00 and she was as high as 3.8% in a half hour time! The "Bitcoin" chart I used this morning, we used 3' chart to find our entry into the market! I personally don't know all that much about this stuff. But my wife is determined to do something positive and this is what she chosen to do.

Nobody can make you or I successful trading or be healed of ailments. It is your knowledge that is the key here, the working knowledge you trained yourselves in whether in BitCoin trading or stock trading or scalar research. Whether it be yours or the collective individuals, it's your knowledge that will see you through these hardships.

Time to roll up our sleeves and get to the knowledge portion of Scalar. I want you all to see here, we are truly blessed to have this being taught whether from a lab or you're basements or garages, we are fortunate to be able assimilate what we couldn't fifty or a hundred years gone by couldn't.

DNA are scalar antennas picking up the transmission of a longitudinal wave that propagates in the direction of the magnetic field vector. Computed frequencies from the structure of DNA agree with those of the predicted bio-photon radiation or light. 

Science is finally catching up with the generations of the past discoveries without the added benefit of the high technologies we possess here and in the now! Some ways we are fortunate and other ways we stand in our own ways blocking ourselves from seeing any type of truth out there! Whether bias or not, it will from time to time interfere with our ability to see a little outside mainstream science.

The optimization of efficiency by minimizing the conduction losses leads to the double-helix structure of DNA. The vortex model of the magnetic scalar wave not only covers many observed structures within the nucleus perfectly, but also explains the hyperboloid channels in the matrix when two cells communicate with each other. 

Potential vortexes are an essential component of a scalar waves, as discovered in 1990. The basic approach for an extended field theory was confirmed in 2009 with the discovery of magnetic monopoles. 

For the first time, this provides the opportunity to explain the physical basis of life not only from the biological discipline. Nature covers the whole spectrum of known scientific fields of research, and interdisciplinary understanding, is required to explain its complex relationships. 

Essentially sciences are learning to scalar as a carrier wave by pure and simple "Modulation" with "High" and "Low" tunings. Maybe and it's a big maybe, Qwave Divine pager size unit can carrier solfeggio tones by scalar into your whole body. Again you would have to take a chance on investing over $300+ to find out. They do give a 30 Day money back guarantee. 

The characteristics of the potential vortex are significant. With its concentration effect, it provides for miniaturization down to a few nanometers, which allows enormously high information density in the nucleus. I guess my question isn't all that farfetched, "How can we reduce this technology, to a size of a pager device"?

With this first introduction of the magnetic scalar wave, it becomes clear that such a wave is suitable to use genetic code chemically stored in the base pairs of the genes and electrically modulate them, so as to "piggyback" information from the cell nucleus to another cell

At the receiving end, the reverse process takes place and the transported information is converted back into a chemical structure. The necessary energy required to power the chemical process is provided by the magnetic scalar wave itself. 

Cell communication back and forth. Imagine for a minute, what the human brain is doing during all this information exchanges at the speed above, the speed of thought! There is much more going on to keep our bodies alive, without our interference.

Plants and Animals are good examples of not interfering with any Scalar project you have going on. In fact, this would be your first subject of your trials. Knowing, no placebo to worry about. Plants are even more simplified than animals. The human body in this type of research becomes the last experiment you want to do. The body is unpredictable! The mind is very complex, this bio-electrical device inside our skulls!

These were just one of many theories out there proving the possibility of scalar theory to some extent, and has been proven by some in anecdotal experiences only! Plants and Animals are easier to test because there is no foreknowledge ahead of time as what to expect. 

Yet, not forgetting the human body is also more complexed than a simple flower! Lastly, the "Placebo" effect is a temporary issue to contend with as well. There will always be sticking points after the first placebo claims its next victims. 

It has been said by the most astute medical doctors that the human body is complex and its as close to a miracle that anyone could get! Some dare to say it will take a decade to understand the brains many functions. 

The heart is so tough of muscle that it takes awhile for it too incinerate. The heart has to be tough to support your life 24/7 for 70-75 years! 

When I was 18 I could run a 2 mile run, eight laps around the track even held my old High School record that until this day has not been beat. Now when I walk up stairs I am exhausted!

I was into etheric sciences and love to purchase them to see what they can do for me. It was after awhile, I shared with two people online and it just grew from there! It's our hope and prayers you or whoever comes by here, may learn there is much more out there, then going too work and getting two days off just to catch up with the work you couldn't do when working all week!

Unfortunately no matter the modality to lengthen your lives, this will one day according to its programming, will stop! Appreciate each day that is given to you! Help yourselves where you can invest time and money, what is money if your health is no good!

We are still learning both the inner-workings of the human body and the conscious/subconscious minds, along with their spiritual roles. Every result no matter how positive, will be totally different than someone else's. 

So, how does one communicate with so many different belief systems out there as there are different fingerprints, it makes one sober minded so to speak, to be able to communicate these Scalar ideas amongst many other ideas, some good some not too good! When that "good" does show up it's time to take a chance!

Don't take yourselves for granite, we are a unique "essence" wrapped up in a flesh garb, the real person "you" is taking residence in this biological body for a certain amount of time! Once we outlived the bodies usefulness, then we just begin to live probably in a far better vehicle elsewhere!

When reaching my age in my early 60's, it seems a person gets more interested in restoring good health than trying to conquer the world when you were younger! Now we just want to make it from one day to the next and enjoy are brief stay here. I am realist, lot's of us are living miserable lives for a million reasons! If we could change this, we would or I would!

In the meantime, there are things we can do to extend our stay in this lifetime of ours! Personally, even healthy wise, I don't think I want to live until 80-90 years old! Or have to have a CNA clean my southend for a couple of times a day! 

My idea of life is being able to do the things what we take for granted! Like being able to get something to eat on my own and get dressed to go out, where I want to go! Not being taken where I don't desire to be. When we lose these abilities, then what! Now with COVID on the screen many had not made it!

With it comes sorrows and the flame inside us begins to flicker, until there is no more! I always tell my wife, if I were to pass on today, I would be satisfied with my life and I wouldn't want to change any of it but there are many others, who would love to take a different path, which is why people want to time travel using things like the HDR.

You know I am all in for technologies like used in parallel time traveling or Doppelgänger meetings in different worlds with yourselves! Learning meditation an hour each day using something like IDL-32 and higher. It's not an art, its a passion and deep desire for a safari into the unknown.

This is the reason for my research and experimental tools, it is geared to my life to help my biological machine to process information better which will give me and my wife a healthier life ahead! Granted none of us are not promised tomorrow!

If we are blessed enough to get through the following days ahead, then let's do what we can, to make it a healthy one, both physically, mentally, spiritually! You can either let work dominate you instead of the reverse, eventually it will in due time that your physical body will have its breakdown.

I believe amongst things like Rife and Scalar, they give a promise to a reversal in biological aging, a hope that no youth clinics can replicate without getting drugs involved. Just as describe in my posts in the past, you can't expect the HDR or Scalar devices.

One thing I for certain, there is no too young or too old that can't better themselves with scalar treatments. Keeping in mind, all of our DNA's are shaped like an antenna and are constantly receiving and transmitting bio-chemical instruction codes. My how far we came from the goo! The hardest control is the EGS (Emotional Guidance System). When the chakra's are out of line so is the entire electrical body.

Those who are close to leaving this world, can still be helped with Scalar and Rife, it can in my opinion, allow for less pain from the life transition to another reality that eventually awaits all of us, some sooner than later! Similar to Hospice practices of years gone by.


But right now we are alive it's a blessed day! The old saying goes something like this, "An alive dog is far better than a dead lion. Now we awaken to a new day and a new life waiting for each of us. 

We need to know that you're (EGS) or Emotional Guidance Systems are in line with your goals, you would like to complete. Not excluding the most important thing, that your Chakra's must be align and modulated. These energy centers, the seven main ones, is what gives you energies both in your bodies and mines.

We all are human, let's face the facts, someone out there are actually looking for miracles and the sharks are out there knowing  these facts and can smell the blood in the water, that is your "pain" and it brings the seller possible dollar $'s as a result of it. Be of good cheer there are people who care, so much in fact, they would create something astounding for the sick people and researchers giving them some hope. 

I am ready to get the Spooky2 Scalar with the GEN-X package, like I talked about in my past book :) and I written about. If I write long articles, by now, you should know I did my research and I know it will work about anyone, who applies themselves both physically, mentally, spiritually and lastly monetarily keep your focus it maybe of help to you. 

These days, one gets what they value a product to be! If you value the idea on the cheaper end, I seriously doubt beyond your "placebo", you will be happy with the product. It's a delicate balance with finances and your extra mile you put into researching the companies information. 

Whether it is a true statement and it fits the device or false statement that plays the person, who is suffering and will believe anything to purchase a substandard approach toward scientific facts. Yes, there is still a bit hesitation within us, to pull the trigger on the sale of this the product that promises the moon.

I found one customer on FaceBook stating she had her Spooky2 Scalar, yet it has been three months, nothing seems to be changed with her! She is really trying. It was her and her husbands sleep issues. Not everyone, who uses Rife frequencies will respond, some do and some don't. Yet, Spooky's Rife frequencies categories are huge, due to the active scalar fields are far better to cause change. 

I've even talked to past customers to gain their opinions if the Spooky2 Scalar has or has not worked for them. I found finally one customer that tells me this machine is definitely working, yet its been three or so months that we don't know if the changes occurred. In fact, those customers go back almost 2017.

Here is a device that has nothing short of praise, but the GENX people told me their devices healed them of many ailments and it's great they further stated, but at the beginning it was daunting and its learning curve takes a bit longer to get use to. 

The software that runs the GENX (freq. generator), will run all Rife's frequencies yet no sound emissions. It rests inside the scalar field being digitized and going right through you if you are in between both transmitter and receiver!

Finally in a long time there is a customer service to count on after any sell! To me this is worth its weight in gold! John White's knowledge with his flagship product. can't answer all million questions poise to him from online. He deals a lot with the UK customers but always makes sure no matter in the world everyone's question will be answered in a timely matter.

I personally know that John's "customer service" is out of this world! We all know this the most critical time, while in the learning stage is, to get questions answered in a timely matter from a knowledgeable customer service. The fact is, there is so much information about these two devices, one can't go to a single place to get it.

If this customer service can't answer your question, they have access to John White everyday, to solve the more technical issues that may arise in a course of a month. Or if they don't know, they would forward your questions to John, himself.

They exceed all my expectations and I am not a customer yet! This company just doesn't mess with you, they give real answers to your questions. It can't say they are 5 stars because we are human and at best still all have room for improvement.

Getting the GEN-X is a consolation prize for me! Because I wanted to do my OBE's and Lucid Dreaming work, time traveling with the Scalar Field. I will have still a long ways to go! First I got to learn the limitations of such a machine and document no matter how trivial. My twenty years experimenting with such devices, will help me start with a strong foundation.

You also can get help on their Spooky2 Facebook, the moderator had her S2 Scaler both transmitter and receivers for over five years! There is huge amount of information to digest, not so much about how to run the machines, that's fairly simple task. 

The trick is where to place certain items to enhance the "pure scalar". Which drives us to phase II, using the device to modulate things like oils etc. inside the body. Think of the Spooky2 Scalar as a radio tuner, but on a larger scale.

It's all the abstract questions that people come up with and you or I would probably come up with. My reasons of procuring Spooky2 Scalar is or somewhat different other than using rife frequencies modulated by the S2 transmitter.

I know some of you out there, your pulse is beating wildly! Why is everything so expensive! Cars, boats, trucks, housing, taxes, insurances, rent and the list keeps on building! But sometimes you have to take a chance even if you did before and failed! We grow in weakness at the moment and one day you awaken stronger than ever!

Sure I would use GEN-X Rife Generator, which will be ran off the Spooky2 Scalar, which is directly connected into the SC2 Transmitter by cable (.70mm). 

The company offers a 38 foot cable at extra cost and a 60 foot as well. Get it! Or purchase your own, maybe a better one made of gold female connector for better conduction. 

They also have the plasma generator along with a plasma bulb, it is much more than his Scalar2, in fact, $900 more to be exact! If you were to get the Scalar2 plus their phantom tube with its generator is a total of $5100.00. For those, who can financially stand it would be ideal!

$Three thousand dollars for the Photon Tube of Noble Gases and its generator system and $2100.00 for the transmitter and receiver (scalar) plus the Generator-X. Scalar Generators by themselves is only $1600.00

This "Qwave"pocket generator is about the size of an old pocket beeper used in my younger years. The company claims this Qwave instrument as a pocket scalar generator. The generator uses the scalar as a carrier wave for the two solfeggio's to be transmitted, in and through the body. 

Qwave "Divine" is modulated using scalar as a carrier wave and it carries two Solfeggio frequencies to the central nervous system right to ones Pineal and Pituitary glands. They have of Solfeggio frequencies for other goals, you might have in mind and want to try yourselves.

This device is not 1/3 of the strength and speed of the S2 Scalar units. Yes, the GENX has built-in programs for delivering Solfeggio frequencies as well as Rife frequencies going directly through the body at a phenomenal speed and subtle power verses a pager type a pager type generator.

In fact, John White in one of his one hour videos said,  using the scalar transmitter and receiver all through the night, he experienced extreme vivid color dreaming! I had one dream in several years that had colors.

This is great news his physical and psychic centers were being stimulated. This dreaming in vivid color is telling us the scalar is activating parts of the brain that have been dormant.

Lot's happening in this world today, hard to keep up with it! China is investing 20 tons of gold to back up their new crypto currencies. So, what do you think will happen to the paper dollar along with anything that's been invested? Gold and Silver will more than likely be in the tens of thousands per ounce! 

We need to take advantage of our investments as well! Just because your not rich doesn't mean you can't do it! Buying fractions of BitCoin for ten, twenty or fifty dollars or purchasing silver or grams of gold which even low income could afford. 

Let's change to a temporary track of thought! I purchased Gold at $1200 per ounce about two years ago. My gold will lag in a trading range of about $100 per ounce up or down! During these particular months for the past thirty seasons Gold always moves up no matter the beat down during spring and early summer. 

July-Dec 2021 it will rise almost 90% of the time. According to the seasonal chart for Gold! For the next five months, it will be in a trading range (Neutral Stahl) until the "seasonal lows" kick in for buying gold this coming fall.

This is my funds to purchase this Scalar device along with the GDV aura cam system with thousands leftover. I want to get as much money as I can, then "sell" a few ounces! I just plotted this simple 30 year gold rise and falls on certain seasons like clock work.

Dec-April 2021, Silver will climb to its highest price per ounce. April-June 2021, Silver will drop or bottom out! We can forecast that it will go down or up, but not forecast exactly how much for how long. 

My wife learned her lesson, the night before, she made a purchase on one coin called, LTCUSD. She only bought a fraction of the whole coin at the high instead of buying low. She was feeling bad not running it by her husband. Once I seen one minute low bounce up from a strong support line, I told her to now purchase a full coin and when it rose too the higher level she was $5 in profit, this is a 3.2% in a few minutes of work.

will buy 50 ounces of more Silver during its Seasonal fall at a low price, hopefully before it goes on the rise a bigger rise. My wife surprised me Sunday morning, she purchase $100 in BitCoins. Always look for the one minute chart to time your entry into the market at the lowest prices. You can look at free charting online!

The Bitcoin and LiteCoin to reached a high of 3% within an half hour. Right now it's is 2.5% profit. This is more fun than purchasing my Gold and Silver! They will have their down swings and upswings these are all Volatile. 

If you can, purchase at least Silver from April-June to get it cheaper before it goes up again from DEC-April 2021-2022! Keep in mind the Biden administration are proposing to make gold and silver illegal  down the road. 

Maybe more correct,  it will be the Central Banks here and abroad the world, who will demonize both metals. Gold will destroy the Feds. The Feds is not our government banking, we borrow from this overseas institution, that can print money all day long! 

The above building is the overseas central bank located in the Washington DC area. It is halo ground. Our Federal Government can't even give these guys a parking ticket if they broken any laws! Our Fed. Gov. are not allowed to look at the books! It's been tried and like always it fails! It's considered overseas property! How convenient too call itself the FEDS!

I went to school and graduated, but never in the 70's was the central bank ever mentioned. This overseas bank had not profited the USA that is too add good to our economy. The economy was built on "Debt"not profit for the USA. If gold or silver rises, it kills off at a piece at a time of the central bank, who keeps the citizens and the Federal Government in debt, it's good business for them .

Calling the Central Bank the Feds, it's just a name to make it sounds like our government bank because of the title the central bank called themselves "Federal Reserve Bank. It is on foreign ground in DC area and nobody can do nothing to these butchers. 

Due to diplomatic immunity, they can keep the politicians from getting away from this bank, (buying them, off under the table). These are the great times to invest into, while the great reset happens. Position yourselves into Silver while you still can! I am not blind, many can't afford to purchase any metals. 

Then your luck may have risen a tad! Just by fractions of the main Bitcoin, which stands at or around $57,400.00. You can buy $10-50-100 dollars using PayPal.

This will rise the metals to extreme heights. This is the only way for the Central Banks to continue to print funny money, debt! Think about gun buyers, this year Biden Administration want's everyone, who owns a weapon will have to take a psychological test and if you don't pass, you have to give up your weapons. 

Qwave, says all the right things and show twenty plus year old testimonies. That was the thing that bothers me, I listened to the twenty year old videos and maybe at the time they sold the scalar idea to many. I looked all over the web about their products they offer and there simply is none! It's all placebo and faith that it is working for you!

Check on QWAVE, and read their description and read about Spooky2 Scalar generators, compare the two, "David and Goliath"! Now add a frequency generator in the mix of things, to modulate both scalar and Rife frequencies. 

Spooky2 Scalar with the GEN-X directly hooked up to the scalar field. You will not hear any of the Rife frequencies this is digitized and in the active scalar field. Just one of many of the simple setups producing extraordinary results!

I am not sure about you all, but this is the first company I ever heard of  to accomplish this! Spooky2 Scalar company. They themselves probably were hoping for the best as they designed and slowly built this SP2 machine by building in Tesla and Rife into a machine.

You won't hear any of the RIFE frequencies being processed in the scalar field, who sell such machines but it will be modulated within the scalar wave by connecting the GENX by cable to the Transmitter. 

Thinking about all this, really, transmitting the Rife frequencies through the transmitter, and While the Rife frequencies are being transmitted into the scalar field, the body/mind/spirit are being effected. 

It can't help itself, these are genetic programs, like a computer, it will only work as good as the programming on it. It's like a magnet with the North end strongly attracted to the South-Pole.

You will be in the center of both boxes that generate this, if you get Spooky2 Scalar! I wish I would have heard of this three years ago! Be prepared what you are getting yourselves into. I read about 500 testimonies not excluding a current FaceBook with Spooky2.

I talked with a gentlemen who owned these above devices for around four years. He told me, once you open the scalar field by breaching it with an identical wave that is 180 degrees out of phase of the transmitter, which is sent back to the transmitter to breach an opening to it! You must really be careful with your thoughts. Don't open up this supernatural doorway, where angels fear to tread!